Friday, February 21, 2014

The Complete Silence Dogood Letters V2 - Work in Progress

I'm putting the finishing touches on my complete Silence Dogood letters v2. I remade this from scratch, typesetting the actual letters verbatim in a realistic and almost accurate handwriting font.I've tried my best to match them to screenshots of the letters as seen in "National Treasure".

Another change I made is the way "Silence" signed off in each letter. In my previous version, they were all signed as "I am, Sir, Your Humble Servant, Silence Dogood". In actual fact, the sig differs in some of the letters. I've tried my best to include this variation as seen below.

42 sheets make up the complete letters. They are printed on 100 gsm ivory colored A3 paper with the sizes ripped off to make the letters 10" x 16 1/2".

I will be weathering the letters and will post up the pics of the finished item soon. Stay tuned.

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