Friday, January 17, 2014

The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows - Aristide Torchia's Personal Copy

This my interpretation of what Aristide Torchia's personal copy of the Nine Gates would be. This differs from the screen accurate Nine Gates in that the cover is black leather instead of dark brown and that it features full gold foil embossing on the pentagram instead of just the outline. All 9 woodcuts in this book are the LCF versions including the genuine 9th engraving. The book is pristine, i.e. the cover and pages are not weathered, only the page edges have been slightly weathered to accentuate the book's appearance.

It includes loose AT woodcuts (for comparison with the LCF woodcuts in the book), the fake 9th LCF engraving with "CENIZA BROS" written across, the fake 9th LCF engraving featured in the the Balkan version of the book, the two page spread with the genuine 9th LCF engraving, Corso's comparison chart, Corso's namecard, Balkan's postcard as well as the yellow fabric to wrap the book in.

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