Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sidkit Blade Runner Worldcon Blaster

I bought this kit from Siderio last year when he started making them and its been sitting in storage until last month when I finally decided to get on it. I followed Sid's prep instructions, except after I sanded the parts I tried buffing them on a wheel. This almost proved to be disastrous when a small piece of the first part I tried buffing actualy melted!! Luckily that part is not visible (it's internal) so I let that buffing idea go. I used Perma Blue to blue the parts that need to be blued and painted the black parts with Krylon Satin Black. The LEDs also proved to be a pain in the butt coz I accidentally broke the switch when trying to put it in the mag cover, so until I can find a replacement, the LEDs are non-functional.

Here are some pics: