Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows - New Pics

I've received so many queries about this replica that I made so I thought I'd post some more new pics I took of the book and the inserts that come with it.

This books has been weathered to emulate the look of the prop used in the movie. The 9 LCF woodcuts, the fake 9th woodcut and the two-page spread with the genuine 9th woodcut have also been weathered. Other inserts include Balkan's postcard, Corso's business card and Corso's chart comparing the Balkan, Fargas and Kessler copies. In the foreground is the weathered yellow fabric in which the book is wrapped in.

If you're interested in acquiring this replica, drop me a line at


  1. I got one of these and I would have to say that I absoltutley love it. I wanna urge anyone interested in getting one to go ahead and get it. Thank you so much for doing this for me.

  2. Could someone post on this website comparison of nine woodcuts signed by AT corresponding to the nine woodcuts of LCF? (large size) I would like to see in detail, the differences between the woodcut # 5 ("FR.ST.A" or in vain) and I can see clearly the details of this woodcut. I also like (if possible please) to publish here on this site, the woodcut which corresponds to the book cover of VMBRARVM Regni NOVEM PORTIS, that drawing of a snake that is coiled in the form of two numbers eight intertwined with one other like links in a chain.