Sunday, April 24, 2022

Customer feedbacks for S'wak Props

I've set up this post so that those who have bought items from me can leave their feedback and review of their purchases. Thanks in advance for your support.


  1. Recently purchased the prop replica of The Nine Gates. Great craftsmanship, with every prop looking exactly as it did in the film. The detail is extremely impressive and of movie quality. It looks and feels like a legitimate seventeenth century book. If you're a collector or just want some high quality props it's highly recommended and definitely worth the price. I was not disappointed.

  2. Item just arrived and immediately is clear at first look that's amazing. Really detailed and similar to the copy of movie. Sure better than other copies that the web proposes. The prop maker is very accurate and send photos of every step of Work in progress. Absolutely recommended!

  3. A wonderful book! Repeats the book from the movie. Hardcover, paperback, paper-all it's really done qualitatively, as if made in 1666. Unlike other instances on the Internet suggest buy this book!

  4. Purchased the red book from The Labyrinth - spot on replica with the out of print adaptation inside - couldn't be happier! Was kept very well informed during the ordering process which was very reassuring - thanks!

  5. Hey everyone! I just received my copy of the Nine Gates book replica and I must say, it is a masterwork of art! From the binding (which is high quality and spot on color) to the paper that was used, it truly seems as though this is an authentic centuries old book that has survived the eras! Everything from the woodcut prints to the specific screen shown text is ordered precisely and there is a multitude of filler text (produced through research) which gives the book a genuine look and feel. I can't stress enough how screen accurate this book is, as far as I'm concerned I might as well have the original prop used in my possession! If your specifically looking for the Gates book replica, or if you are simply a prop collecting enthusiast, this is a must have. It is the only true definitive version on the internet and well worth the price asked! It also helps that the seller had great communication and keeps you informed throughout the purchasing and acquiring process!

    1. just got my nine gates book. amazing product and amazing customers service
      thanks a lot !!

  6. Just received my marvelous Balkan 'Nine gates' replica and it is stunning! 100% screen accurate, even down to the perfect color -- not black like some other replicas on the market but the correct dark brown which, in some lighting conditions, can appear black. From the accurate tooling and superb gilt pentagram, to the interior content, the aging of the paper and the perfect distressing of the leather, plus the distinctive discoloration on the back cover marking it as the Balkan copy, this prop replica is a joy to behold and to feel. I had high expectations, but, if anything, the actual book has exceeded them. And, in addition, all the accompanying props are equally perfect and really complete the illusion that one has truly stepped into the well-worn shoes of the intrepid (and avaricious) Dean Corso. And to add the final touch of verisimilitude, as well as to provide the perfect housing for this yellow-cloth-wrapped beauty, I was inspired to track down and purchase the exact olive-drab canvas/brown leather mail dispatch shoulder bag that Depp has with him throughout the film. And I even have on order a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes (I don't smoke) to add the perfect finishing touch. Well, it's pretty obvious by now that you're not gonna go wrong ordering any (or all) of the 'Nine Gates' variants and other goodies from S'Wak Props. Mine was worth the wait and worth every penny!