Thursday, August 30, 2012

S'wak Props Exclusive: The Complete Silence Dogood Letters Replica

This is my replica of the complete Silence Dogood letters based on the prop used in the movie National Treasure.

Silence Dogood was the pseudonym Benjamin Franklin used when he wrote a series of letters to the New England Courant when he was 16 years of age.

From my research, only 9 letters were made for National Treasure, but it is unknown which 9 they were. So I decided to make all 14 letters using this site as a basis.

The letters are 10" x 16 1/2", originally printed on A3 size paper which were then cut down to size by tearing the sides. Each page has a margin line which was pencil drawn. A realistic handwriting font is used for the text.

The letters were weathered with coffee and tea and I also tried to match the folds as seen in the screencaps.

Each letter varies in number of pages, from 2 to a maximum of 5 pages, and in total there are 46 sheets.

I also noted that the text of the screen version of letter no. 10 were paraphrased compared to that of the original letter, so I made 2 versions, the screen version and the original. So all in all you'll be getting 15 letters.

Letter no. 10; original text on the left, screen text on the right

I'm including some additional paper props with these letters as seen in the pics below:

If you're interested in acquiring this set of letters, send me an email at

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